Great Expectations

Pip opens up to Biddy. What does he confess about Estella and his apprenticeship? What does Pip’s confession tell us about what he values most at this point in his life?

Chapter 13

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It looks like you are on chapter 17 here. This is when Pip notices that Biddy is turning into a woman, not very pretty, but very bright and wise. They go for a walk and Pip confesses his desire to be a gentleman. He also admits that he wants to be a gentleman so that he will be acceptable, and perhaps loved, by Estella. Biddy wisely suggests that becoming a gentleman to "gain over" a woman who thinks him course and common does not sound very logical. Certainly Pip's values are in the wrong place. Stature and reputation seem to be Pip's key to happiness which Biddy knows is an illusion.