Great Expectations

List the changes that Pip notes in Estella when they meet in the garden at the Satis House. What does Pip say he does not see when Estella asks if they can be “friends apart”?

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The final chapter of Great Expectations remains a controversy with critics even today. Dickens had initially written a different ending in which Pip runs into Estella on a London street but she has not changed at all and he, in turn, feels none of the old feelings for her. Though much more depressing, many critics consider the first ending more true to the story's themes...When Pip sees Estella, she says, "I am greatly changed. I wonder you know me."

Pip describes the encounter as followed,

"The freshness of her beauty was indeed gone, but its indescribable

majesty and its indescribable charm remained. Those attractions in

it, I had seen before; what I had never seen before, was the

saddened softened light of the once proud eyes; what I had never

felt before, was the friendly touch of the once insensible hand. "

As they leave Pip says her does not see her shadow, "and in all the broad

expanse of tranquil light they showed to me, I saw no shadow of another parting from her."