Great Expectations

how do you feel about what happens to pip at the end of chapter 19? do you think he will regret making this life change? why or why not?

the book is called great expectation. chapter 19

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Pip is being a snob. He allows various people to grovel over him in order to sell him something. He lets Pumblechook to take him out for dinner and seems to enjoy watching the man grovelling to impress him. There is insincerity about Pip even when he attempts comfort Joe. He eventually leaves for London ashamed of how he acted towards the people who really love him. Pip will of course regret this. Pip's world in London is full of people who do not have his best interests at heart. Pip is not part of the social elite, he is an imposter. The people that really care about him are the ones at home.

I don't think he will regret it.