Great Expectations

find five examples of dialect in this story. reccord the words in your notebook and write down the meaning of the words in the standard canadian english. how does the use of dilect enrich the atmosphere or the story

how does the dilect enrich the atmosphere of the story

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You might need to ask this question later this evening when Aslan is here to answer. I am not Canadian..... sorry.

“Pint out the place!”- Point out the place.

“Now lookee here!”- Now look here!

“Who d’ye live with – supposin’ ye’re kindly let to live, which I han’t made

up my mind about?” - Who do you live with, supposing I let you live, which I haven't made up my mind about.

“She sot down… and she got up, and she made a grab at Tickler, and she ram-paged out.”- She sat down, and then she got up and made a grab at Tickler. Then she stormed out.

"I find it wery hard to hold that young man off of your inside." - I am a keeping that young man from harming of you at the present moment, with great difficulty.