Great Expectations

Each convict has his own explanation how/why they escaped and are now fighting in the mud. What are both of their explanations? What can be inferred about their relationship based on these explanations?

Chapter 5, short and clear please

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They soon find the two convicts wrestling each other in the mud. The one with the hat accuses the other, Pip's convict, of trying to kill him, but the other replies that he would have done it if he really wanted to. Instead, he had been the one who had called for the soldiers and was willing to sacrifice himself just so the one with the hat would get caught again. The reader is presented with the question of why the two convcts are fightng each other. Pip's convict goes so far as to say that he deliberately got himself caught, just so he could make sure the man with the hat would go back to prison. What hatred did this man have that would make him go back to prison just to see another suffer as well? There is obviously some bad blood between these two the likes of which Dickens withholds.