Friday Night Lights

Why does Trapper call football "the kiss of death" for Permian boys?

Friday Night Lights

Chapter 14

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Sometimes players become so overwhelmed by the sport and the time they put into it, not to mention success if it comes their way........ they forget that it might just have interfered with their future.......... not everyone has a future in pro. sports, but occasionally high school sports can be delusional to the point where athletes believe it's the end all be all.

“It was a phenomenon that Trapper had seen dozens of times before, a kid so caught up in it all that there was no room for anything else, another kid for whom nothing in life would ever be so glorious, so fulfilling as playing high school football. Trapper didn’t see the game as being a savior for these kids. He saw it as ‘the kiss of death.’ “ (Bissinger 284)