Friday Night Lights

What does Boobie's injury mean to Boobie, L.V., Coach Gaines, and the average Permian fan?

Friday Night Lights

Chapter 3

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His legs get caught in the artificial turf and someone falls against his knee. When he gets up, he can barely put any pressure on it at all. The team doctor examines it and tells Boobie that he might be out for six or seven weeks. Boobie is aghast and asks the trainer, Trapper, what he thinks. Trapper doesn’t voice his own fear that the injury is so severe that he might never play football again in the same way. As for his uncle, L.V. sits frozen in the stands, because he has always feared Boobie might be seriously injured one day. He just never thought it would be at scrimmage that didn’t count for a single statistic and not when his nephew is just about to have it all. This is devastating to all things football in Odessa.