What does this mean? Why do you think Victor was accused of murder of Henry Clerval?

Evidence is presented to the Irish authorities that Victor was physically incapable of committing Henry Clerval's murder, so Victor is found not guilty of the crime and hastens back to Geneva. Despite this fortunate turn of events, however, Victor is not a happy man on his journey home. The deeds of the monster weigh heavily on his mind, as does the monster's threat to be with Victor on his wedding night.

Victor is physically weakened by his ordeal, and he and his father must stop in Paris before continuing home. Alphonse Frankenstein, still ignorant of the root causes of his son's melancholy, urges Victor to participate in society, but Victor cannot bring himself to enjoy the company of others.

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Victor was accused because he traveled alone in a small boat. Witnesses saw a lone man in a boat on the water just after discovering Henry's body. 

The son confirmed his father's account, but when Daniel Nugent was called he swore positively that just before the fall of his companion, he saw a boat, with a single man in it, at a short distance from the shore; and as far as he could judge by the light of a few stars, it was the same boat in which I had just landed.