The narration of Victor (Chapters 1-10) and the narration of the monster (Chapters 11-16) each describe in depth, the "upbringing" of the two characters. What is the purpose of this parallel structure, using quotes as evidence?

Chapters 1-16

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The novel is a series of letters that Walton is relaying to his sister. It gives the reader a better perspective of how each character feels and gives the reader a better sense of their also shows how the creature and victor are so untwined with one another.



Victor was loved and doted on by two parents, who gave him everything and told him he was loved and were proud of him. In contrast, the creature was loathed by a "father" who gave him nothing and ran away from him. He fails to follow the wonderful example set by his own parents. He makes no attempt to give his "child" any kind of childhood with teaching and modeling and love.

As for quotes . . . look into the novel and find them yourself, Daniel.