How does the monster in Frankenstein compare and contrast to the Main character in the movie Powder in the way that they respond to rejection and loneliness?

If you dont know about the movie Powder if you could just explain in detail how the monster reacts to reject and loneliness it would be much appreciated.

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I saw Powder a very long time ago. I recall he was an albino with special psychic and magnetic capabilities. Jeremy's (Powder) mother was killed by lightening while pregnant with him. Note this supernatural motif is also used in Frankenstein. Jeremy's father disowns him when he sees the "monstrosity". Similarly Victor abandons his own creation/son when he beholds his monstrosity. The themes in both stories play out in a similar fashion. Both Powder and the creature in Frankenstein are intensely lonely. They both suffer from rejection and humiliation from society because of the way they look.