Founding Brothers

what did you find most interesting about this chapter? in what way were you required to think differently about such a common subject?

fouding brothers "the silence"

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I think that everyone would have to answer this question with the word "slavery." Many people believes the founders wanted slavery to continue; others believe that Jefferson wanted it ended immediately..... thus "all men are created equal."

What many don't consider is that there was a very large fence to sit on over this issue. Men stayed silent because if allowed, slavery could have started another war..... right then. The country had just fought a war against Britain. There was no money for war....... men needed to see to their farms, crops, and businesses. Women needed to be free to raise their children and to NOT run the farms, but to run their homes.

The title of the chapter makes you rethink what you've always believed, and for most that's that slavery didn't become a problem and was virtually ingnored until the 1800's. That would be a lie. It wasn't ignored...... it just wasn't talked about.


Founding Brothers