For Whom the Bell Tolls


  • Robert Jordan – American university instructor of Spanish language and a specialist in demolitions and explosives.
  • Anselmo – Elderly guide to Robert Jordan.
  • Golz – Soviet officer who ordered the bridge's demolition.
  • Pablo – Leader of a group of anti-fascist guerrillas.
  • Rafael – Well-intentioned yet incompetent and lazy guerrilla, and a gypsy.
  • María – Robert Jordan's young lover.
  • Pilar – Pablo's wife. An aged but strong woman, she is the de facto leader of the guerrilla band.
  • Karkov – Soviet agent and journalist in Madrid, and a friend of Jordan's.
  • Agustín – Foul-mouthed, middle-aged guerrilla.
  • El Sordo – Leader of a fellow band of guerrillas.
  • Fernando – Middle-aged guerrilla.
  • Andrés and Eladio – Brothers and members of Pablo's band.
  • Primitivo – Young guerrilla in Pablo's band.
  • Joaquin – Enthusiastic teenaged communist, a member of Sordo's band.

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