Flowers for Algernon

List the different concerns of the two doctors; then tell who seems more on charlies side, and why.

april 24

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The two doctors agree:

"Professor Nemur finally agreed with Dr Strauss and me that it will be impossible for me to write down everything if I know it's immediately read by people at the lab. I've tried to be completely honest about everything, no matter who I was talking about, but there are things I can't put down unless I can keep them private-at least for awhile."

The two doctors disagree that the timing is right to present their experiment and results to a committee in Chicago. Strauss firmly believes that they have more work to do, and that Charlie is still changing. Nemur believes that according to his data, it is safe for him to make an accurate prediction of what Charlie's eventual outcome will be. In my opinion, I have more respect for what Strauss wants to do. It seems as if he is really in Charlie's corner and wants to do things the right way.


Flowers for Algernon