Flowers for Algernon

Charlie is becoming a very intelligent adult- but in some aspects is still a boy. In what ways is he still childlike? Tell several

April 14

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His physical reaction to women (girls) is adult; his emotional response continues to be childlike.

"I told him one of the things that bothers me is about women. Like dancing with that girl Ellen got me all excited. So we talked about it and I got a funny feeling while I was talking, cold and sweaty, and a buzzing inside my head and I thought I was going to throw up. Maybe because I always thought it was dirty and bad to talk about that. But Dr Strauss said what happened to me after the party was a wet dream, and it's a natural thing that happens to boys.

So even if I'm getting intelligent and learning a lot of new things, he thinks I'm still a boy about women. It's confusing, but I'm going to find out all about my life."


Flowers for Algernon