Fight Club

What examples of conflicting perspectives are there in Fight Club?

I'm doing an exam with the topic of 'conflicting perspectives', and how they are represented. The set text is Ted Hughes' poems from Birthday Letters, 'Fulbright Scholars', 'The Shot', 'Your Paris', 'The Minotaur'. And I've chosen Fight Club, the novel, as my related text. I need some help drawing comparisons between the two, relating to conflicting perspectives, and their representation in the texts. Thank you, any help would be much appreciated.

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I can't cross reference the Fight Club with your other selections but I can certainly comment on your question. Social change, consumerism, creation/destruction, external vs internal validation are all themes in this book/film. I think the big one is the fact that, like the protagonist, we have lost ourselves in a maze of consumerism on a scale never seen before. THe result is a lack of personal and social identity. The only way to get back is to tear it all down so we can begin to feel again.

PLease let me know how this goes or if you need something more specific. I love this movie!

what about within relationships? etc. like tyler and marla or something