What is the most important symbol in the play? Give at least 3 different ways that Wilson uses fences in this play

act 2, scene 5

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The most important symbol in the play is the fence that Troy and Cory are building (or not building).

One way in which the symbol is used would be as a barrier that Troy builds around himself. It is used for protection (on the inside), and as a means to keep the unwanted out.

Another way in which the fence is used is as a symbol of neglect. The building of the fence is neglected in the same way Troy's family is neglected.

Thirdly, the fence symbolizes the differences between Rose and her husband. Whereas Troy sees the fence as a barrier, Rose sees its construction as a way to build a bridge between her husband and her son. Her hope is that by building it together, they might also build a relationship with each other.