Fahrenheit 451

What are some of the science fictin elements depicted in this section of the book?

Part 1

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The novel contains several basic elements of science fiction, beginning with the setting.

1. The novel takes place in the future, the most basic element in science fiction.

2. Society in the novel is very different from our own. Montag's society is oppressive and totalitarian. The government keeps its citizens under control, primarily by keeping them ignorant and frightened. Individuality is condemned and individual rights are nonexistent. Books are burned to prevent independent thinking. The people lead miserable lives, largely unaware of their own suffering. Mildred's attempted suicide is a good example of this persistent misery.

3. The novel includes technology that is currently beyond our means. The primary example of this is the mechanical hound with its poisonous needle nose that is capable of tracking down traitors who dare to own books.