Fahrenheit 451

The workers that came to pump Mildred's stomach said they get at least 9 or 10 cases of this per night. Why do you think that is? What do you think it says about the society that Montag lives in?

part one

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Montag enters his modern home and retires to his bedroom, where he finds that his wife, Mildred, has overdosed on sleeping pills. Montag is shocked and immediately calls the paramedics. Technicians arrive at the house, pump Mildred's stomach and give her a complete transfusion with various technological instruments. Neither of the paramedics are doctors, a fact Montag finds surprising. However, the paramedics explain that they perform these same procedures many times a night, and that it is a very regular occurrence. When the medics depart, the relieved yet shaken Montag reflects on the impersonal and tragic nature of his society.

The society Montag lives in is cold and unfeeling. People have nothing more to live for than happy pills, television families, and sea shell radios. Lives are empty, and thus uncherished.