Fahrenheit 451

Talk about how the precence of death/violence realates to the absence of books

How has absence of books led to this? ( devaluing of human life )

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The absence of books means the cultural death of society. People have no deeper meaning and appreciation of life so violence and moral decay become accepted norms of society. Many people die in the novel. The old woman burns herself to death, Clarisse is killed by a speeding car, Montag kills Beatty with the flamethrower, and the Mechanical Hound kills an innocent man. Among all this destruction, Montag survives and is given new life, reborn after his trip down the river and after meeting Granger and taking the concoction to change his chemical balance. While Montag survives, the city and everyone he knew there are destroyed. Montag's interest in knowledge and dedication to a new and better society saved him. Thus, Bradbury seems to suggest that life is dependent on knowledge and awareness. If we become idle and complacent, we might as well be dead.