Fahrenheit 451

How does Montag tell Faber to hide the fact that Montag was at Faber's house

a) Turn on the sprinkler system

b) Burn the rug

c) Turn off the lights

d) All of the above

e) None of the above

f) Both A & C

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A & B is not an option, but it is what I've found. I find no mention of Montag advising Faber to turn out the lights.

"Wait. There's no use your being discovered. When I leave, burn the spread of this bed, that I touched. Burn the chair in the living room, in your wall incinerator. Wipe down the furniture with alcohol, wipe the door-knobs. Burn the throwrug in the parlour. Turn the air-conditioning on full in all the rooms and spray with moth-spray if you have it. Then, turn on your lawn sprinklers as high as they'll go and hose off the sidewalks. With any luck at all, we can kill the trail in here, anyway..'"


Fahrenheit 451