Fahrenheit 451

explain five attitudes or opinions montag held at the beginning of the story that he has started to question. for each one , tell what you think started his change of heart


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1) Montag enjoys his job. He likes burning books. The thought of impending war makes him question his actions.

2) Montag believes himself to be happy...... until Clarisse teaches him what happiness is through her eyes.

3) Montag is content with life- this again changes because of Clarisse. It's no longer enough to feel unloved and detached; he wants companionship.

4) Emotions- as time goes on Montag sees the lack of emotion, the lack of empathy around him. Fire destroyed both knowledge and memories. He comes to the conclusion that fire is oppression.

5) Montag is unaware of what goes on in the world and numb to the things that are happening around him- Faber, and his knowledge of the Bible help to answer some of his questions.... and inspire him to want more.


Fahrenheit 451