Fahrenheit 451

1.How are Montag and Mildred different, both in the way they behave and the way they view their world? What do these differences suggest about their compatibility and their relationship?

Please awnser all three!!

2.When Montag goes to visit Faber, Faber tells him that, in their society, "flowers are trying to live on flowers, instead of growing on good rain and black loam." How does this relate to the emptiness that Montag feels in his life? Why does he suspect that the information in books might fill that emptiness?

3.Fahrenheit 451 is a book about both willful ignorance and censorship. Explain how willful ignorance created the society depicted novel. Then describe how censorship works to maintain the status in montages American and prevent people like him, Faber, and Clarisse from forcing change.

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At the first, we see Montag and Mildred in the same light. Both characters capitulate and adhere to societal rules. Mildred is preoccupied with filling her days full of other people's lives (even if their lives are fictional), and Montag is content with his marriage, life, and career. It isn't until Montag meets Clarisse that things change. Afterward, he begins to question the things around him, to look for answers..... he's curious about things he never considered, questions his own happiness.

Unfortunately, Millie doesn't share his enthusiasm. Montag's interest in books and reading is incomprehensible. He begins to question, and Mildred gets scared...... frightened enough to eventually even turn him in. None-the-less, even when Mildred rushes from their home after calling in the alarm, she isn't worried about her husband...... she's "worried" about her family.


Fahrenheit 451