Enrique's Journey

What story do the statistics tell us about the US and about the immigrant children in the U.S.?


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Approximately 1.7 million children live in the United States illegally, and have been separated from one or both parents at some point in their lives. One in four children in the U.S. public school system are immigrants or children of immigrants. oday, children leaving Central America for the U.S. face a tougher journey than ever before. Chiapas is overrun with gangs ever since El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala pushed many of their gangsters north into Mexico. As a result, rampant violence in Chiapas has inspired the community to rise up and demand the death penalty for gangsters, although this has not helped the migrants. To deter the gangsters and the migrants, more police officers have been stationed in Chiapas; as a result, migrants take even greater risks in getting on and off the trains. You can check more out on this at the GradeSaver link below: