Enrique's Journey

what happens to the relationship between mother and children because of long seperation.

?? plz help answer the question

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In the wake of separation, all concerned are led to create new family structures, often unhealthy ones. Enrique’s father starts another family, leaving Enrique doubly deserted and starting a spiral that leaves him to be traded from home to home. He wants to get his girlfriend pregnant largely because it might satiate his feelings of abandonment.

Meanwhile, Lourdes creates a new life for herself in the U.S. with her daughter Diana, but finds her life is incomplete without Enrique and Belky. Overall, the family unit itself is endangered, and this is one of Nazario's overall points. Even when they are reunited, their various resentments made a true reunion difficult. When Enrique makes his own journey and asks Maria Isabel to join him, he risks starting the same cycle of abandonment with his own daughter, suggesting that these decisions are not easily criticized, but rather must be considered as one of many factors at risk in the immigration debate.