Enrique's Journey

4. How is this issue resolved in my novel? 5. In my novel, who suffers due to the human rights issue?

i think in #5 is enrique but im not sure.

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Enrique, like Lourdes before him, sends money to his girlfriend and baby. Enrique wants to save enough money to hire a smuggler to bring María Isabel to the Untied States, so that they might work together to provide a better life for their daughter. Initially his personal problems and conflict with Lourdes distract him from sending much money back. However, time passes and he comes to peace with his resentments, and saves more. After these few years of indecision and miscommunication, Enrique pays a smuggler to bring María Isabel to the United States. Jasmín remains in Honduras, to be cared for by Belky. I think everybody suffers in different ways. One common thread is the estrangement from their families that tear these characters apart. Really, just pick one that you find had the most painful experience.