Ender's Game

What makes a good leader? A bad leader? Is fear a motivator for the troops? How does one rally the troops?

Explain however you like

First two questions based on reality and last two are based on the book.

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This really depends on what one wants in a leader. Adolf Hitler was a good leader but widely considered evil man. In a responsible progressive society, a good leader works for the benefit of all his or her population. They should be able to see traits in others that would help them lead. They should also be cognizant of their own limitations. "Bad" leaders work against their own people and oppress others to shape a country into their own vision. Certainly fear is a good motivator of troops. Many boys in Ender's game acted out of fear to their commander. Ender, instilled purpose and confidence in his troops. Troops rally together for a leader that shows them respect and shares the same cause that they do.