Ender's Game

What is the official reaction to finding out who Locke and Demosthenes are? What are the good and bad points as far as the voices are concerned?

Chapter 13-Valentine

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Two adults discuss Valentine and Peter. The International Fleet has finally tracked them down as the writers behind the personas Demosthenes and Locke. They decide to let the children remain anonymous, since their influence has not reached the level of government, and besides, Demosthenes might have a point about Russia. The adults are not sure why Peter and Valentine seem to have exchanged roles in choosing their characters. Meanwhile, Valentine and Peter are increasing in influence on world politics. Demosthenes is invited to take part in the "President's Council on Education for the Future." They pick up extra information through correspondence with other politically active citizens as well as with an increasing number of military and government contacts around the world. The evidence does seem to show that Russia and the Second Warsaw Pact are planning for a war on Earth. Peter has stopped contributing to Valentine's work, but Valentine has had no problem writing in the perspective of Demosthenes, which she finds a bit disturbing.