Ender's Game

what does ender learn about leadership and tactics from Bonzo?

im reading enders game and i cant find it in chapter 7 anywhere and im on page 88 if that helps at all so.. i need help and also the second question is find an example of irony between ender and bonzo. im doing a study guide so i need help on this

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In the battleroom, Ender learns by watching Bonzo and the soldiers. He studies the way Bonzo commands, learning both what to do and what to do differently. He also considers the formation of the toons, the subgroups of soldiers in the army (generally in groups of ten with one leader): the toons are too formal, too rehearsed, while more fluidity would give them an advantage.

That night, Ender goes back to his old Launchie barracks to get his younger friends to practice with him. He teaches them techniques from the armies and practices his new skills. Bonzo disapproves but technically can do nothing, so they come to an understanding in Ender's favor, but one that saves face for Bonzo before the other soldiers.