Ender's Game

What do Ender’s tears tell you about his emotions? Why does Graff lie to Ender about Bonzo’s death?

Seven of Bonzo’s men corner Ender in the shower. Bonzo insist on a fair game—naked, wet, and alone. Dink tries to stop the duel, but Ender winds, gaining the knowledge that power and pain were inseparable. Ender weeps.

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1) His tears are proof that he doesn't enjoy what he has to do, he just does what he has to do. He doesn't want to hurt anyone, he just wants to make sure that he himself isn't hurt in the future.

2)He can't have Ender taking things personally and feeling responsibility when the war is coming. He knows they have to get Ender to Command School while he is still emotionally able to function. Ender doesn't want to play anymore games, and he doesn't want to hurt anyone...... they cannot lose him altogether because they need him.


Ender's Game