Ender's Game

The kids finally get to express their opinions at the end of this chapter. What do they think will happen to them?

Chapter 15

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One day, Ender tells Valentine that he wants to fly away, because he is almost happy where they are, and he has "lived too long with pain. I won't know who I am without it." They go from world to world, and "wherever they stopped, he was always Andrew Wiggin, itinerant speaker for the dead, and she was always Valentine, historian errant, writing down the stories of the living while Ender spoke the stories of the dead." Ender takes the queen cocoon with him everywhere, looking for the world where he can awaken the hive-queen and she can "thrive in peace." The novel ends: "He looked a long time." I think both Ender and Valentine will try to help the Buggers wherever they go. This will be good therapy for Ender who has spent so much time learning to kill.