Ender's Game

Is childhood a right? Does a person robbed of a "normal" childhood have any possibility of stability as an adult? Does Ender have any chance of living "happily ever after"?

Needs to be a full answer. this is a review question.

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I believe that childhood is a right..... but Ender is not the first or the last character (or person) to be robbed of a childhood. Think about abuse, being pressured to do something you don't want to do (sports as an example), or the expectation of perfection. What about war? Fear? Gangs.... so on and so forth?

Children abused in any way often have difficulties as adults. Does Ender have chance to live "happily ever after?" Of course he does..... on his terms, in his own way. He'll have to make peace with the things he has involuntarily been made a part of, but he's also very young.