Ender's Game

How is Peter similar to Adolph Hitler? Describe Peter’s mission in life. How is Peter’s mission similar to Hitler’s? Support your answer with examples of Peter’s actions and comments.


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In the novel the correlation between Peter and Adolf Hitler begins to appear and is questioned. Dictators that bred fear and brilliance such as Adolf Hitler were all once children, what were they like and what factors influenced their young minds?

Excerpt from Enders Game “She had read about Adolf Hitler. She wondered what he was like at age twelve. Not this smart, not like Peter that way, but craving honour, probably that. And what would it have meant to the world if in childhood he had been caught in a tresher or trampled by a horse?” (Card, 1991, p. 130)

This question holds it pertinence by what Valentine had thought, what if there is a way to stop these mad geniuses before havoc World War strikes? Extensively studying lives of Adolf Hitler or Kim Jung Il should be done so and children who show the same criterions can be positively reinforced to change their ways and habits. Sometimes the reasons can be environmental, if this is the case maybe removal and reaasignment could halt the Dr. Jekkyl complex. This is relevent to everyone because when there is less evil, harm, and abused brilliance, there is more time and energy to spend on the upheavel of society.