Ender's Game

how do i compare the Giants Drink to Enders Childhood? and Why does Ender struggle in specific areas of the game?

i just need some help i dont understand please answer!

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During free time Ender plays the mind game, which is called Free Play. He almost does not want to, because he knows what will happen when he gets to the Giant, but he plays anyway. When he gets to the Giant he has to play the guessing game—the Giant sets two drinks down in front of him (they are different every time) and Ender has to choose the one that is not poison to go to Fairyland. Every time Ender plays he guesses wrong, and the game bothers him greatly. Finally, playing angrily, Ender knocks over the drinks and attacks the Giant, digging through his eye with his hands. The Giant screams and dies and a bat welcomes Ender into Fairyland. Instead of feeling happy, Ender is saddened that he could only stop his own death by killing another person. Even in a game he feels just like Peter.



THis reflects his own life. His brother Peter seems to derive profit only at the paril of someone else. Ender is struggling in his new world where advancement comes from harming or killing other people. Ender longs for simpler times.