Ender's Game

Ender tells you the secret of how he manages to win all the time. What is it? (p. 238) How is this related to Peter's (p. 131) special ability and Valentine's (p. 127)?

chapter 13!!!

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Ender admits that every time he beats an enemy, he wins because he can understand how they think, a sad condition of sympathy and love just before the kill. With the buggers, however, he is worried because he understands nothing about them or their strengths and weaknesses. Valentine points out that knowing how to get inside someone's head is a trait of the Wiggin children. And while Peter has mellowed into something more of a "builder," Ender and Valentine have become somewhat more like Peter was. Moreover, Valentine knows that Ender has too much ambition to really want to spend the rest of his life in obscure peace. She reminds him of Mazer Rackham's fame.