Ender's Game

Ender has a memory of his mother reading "Think not that i am come to bring peace to earth. I came not not to brig peace, but a sword" to him. This memory functions as what literary elements?

his mother is reading him a sentence from a book and this is what she tells him. what are the literary elements that come from this line or saying?

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Ender's mother is reading a verse that comes from the Gospel of Matthew 10:34. Ender's mother had to hide the fact that she was religious. The line itself is Jesus's little pep talk to his followers. He is basically saying that following me will shake things up. People will fight each other over scripture; families will split up because what he has to say is so radical. As to the literary element, the Messiah was considered the prince of peace so it is not really a metaphor. I think the word "sword" is a metaphor for instability and animosity. I think that the tie in to Ender's game is the importance of the coming of Ender into a new role and what he might represent o their changing world.