East of Eden

compare and contrast the characters names in East of Eden with those in the Torah and old testament discuss Steinbeck purpose for these allusions

Book is east of eden and the torah and old testament

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The Biblical account of Cain and Abel can be related to different members of the Trask family as the story moves from beginning to end. In the beginning, Charles and Adam have the roles of Cain and Abel. Charles (Cain) is jealous of his brother and attacks him. Although he doesn't cause Adam's (Abel's) death.

Later, Adam seems more like his biblical counterpart (the first man), and his sons (Cal and Aron), take over in the roles of Cain and Abel. Cal (Cain), is the immediate cause of his brother's enlistment in the Army; Aron (Abel) is killed as a result. In the Bible, God asks Cain where his brother has gone (the Heavenly Father); in the novel, Adam asks the same question (he is the earthly father); Cal (Cain) answers “Am I supposed to look out for him?”—a parallel to Cain’s famous retort to God after murdering Abel, “Am I my brother’s keeper?”


East of Eden