Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

what added information is revealed in investigations into the murder of Sir Danvers Carew?What do the investigators learn from visiting Mr. Hyde's house in Sho?

What elements see added to the tale by the presence of the police?

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Jekyll's dual life was going perfectly as planned until two months prior to the murder of Sir Danvers Carew. One night, Jekyll transformed into Hyde involuntarily, while sleeping. Suddenly, Jekyll realized that he was in great danger of being trapped in the body of Hyde permanently, and that some aspect of the experiment had moved beyond his control. For two months entire months, Jekyll lived only as himself. However, he soon felt the need to free his evil side, and in a moment of extreme weakness, took the potion. Hyde emerged, and after months of repression, was out for blood. On this fateful night, Hyde murdered Sir Danvers Carew, beating him to death with one of Jekyll's canes. Of course, Hyde felt no guilt, but even before he had completely transformed back into himself, Jekyll was asking God for forgiveness......

The police find the rooms in Hyde's home ransacked. Clothes strewn everywhere, half of the cane used to murder Danvers Carew is in one of the corners, and the remnants of a burned checkbook lie on one of the tables. The police soon discover that Mr. Hyde has disappeared. He cannot be found anywhere, and they are unable to find any trace of his past. Moreover, those who have seen him are unable to describe him in detail, but generally agree on his evil appearance. The presence of the police add a greater sense of mystery and gravity og Mr. Hyde's increasingly violent crimes. Please take a look at the source-link below. The excerpts I took are from the GradeSaver site.



thankyou its actually helping me a lot to understand the book..know i like the book and im reading it again to see if this time i do undersstand their language since i have an idea of what about

one more question since im not done with the book i have this question in my packet it say: what do we learn from Lanyons account? from jekyll document? how had this self-divisions originated? what had caused him to take pleasure in a divided self?