Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Should Henry Jekyll be found guilty of the death of Sir Danvers Carew.

So i have a really big assignment due tomorrow and i am having a difficult time completeling it.

Here is the paper my teacher gave me:

"As a class, we are going to prove wheather Henry Jekyll should be found guilty of the death of Sir Danvers Carew. We already know that Edward Hyde is, but should Jekyll be found just as much to blame? In order to do so, we need to have a solid background, just like a good lawyer would.

Because you don't know which group you will belong to, you and your partner need to have at least 5 arguments for each position. The roles you will be playing are:

1. Defense (5 Claims with evidence)

2.Prosecution (5 Claims with evidence)

3. Jury (Devil's Advicate, 5 Questions)

For each role, you have to have specific information, both from your search and the novel. A good lawyer always has more evidence then they actually need (hint,hint)"

That's the assignment. I mostly need help with the defense and jury part of it, but other help is welcome

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Sorry, this is too involved for this short answer forum space.