Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

How might the murder of Carew be more easily understood in light of the information the police gather?

question from my chapter six study guide.

don't quite get the question, nor know it.

if you could help, i'd love you.


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After Carew is clubbed to death and left mangled in the street, Utterson and the police go to Mr. Hyde's residence. Here they find a,

"hearth there lay a pile of grey ashes, as though many papers had been burned. From these embers the inspector disinterred the butt-end of a green cheque-book, which had resisted the action of the fire; the other half of the stick was found behind the door. and as this clinched his suspicions, the officer declared himself delighted. A visit to the bank, where several thousand pounds were found to be lying to the murderer’s credit, completed his gratification."

But Hyde never shows up at the bank. The murder of Carew was simply an asked of Evil. It was unprovoked and, like the incident with little girl, was simply a result of Hyde's temper and madness.

oops, I meant an "act" of evil not "asked".