Doctor Faustus (Marlowe)

Where is Faustus in Faustus' last hour and damnation ?inside or outside? and what are the "ever-moving spheres of heaven"?

It's important ... is there anybody going to answer to my questions ?

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The gates of Hell open. The Evil Angel taunts Faustus, naming the horrible tortures seen there. Faustus is terrified by the sight, but the Evil Angel reminds him gleefully that soon he will feel, rather than just see. The Evil Angel exits.

The Clock strikes eleven. Faustus begins his final monologue. He pleads beautifully, and futilely, for time to stop its forward rush. Check this link out,

I think that Faust's line "stand still you ever-moving spheres of heaven" is part of his final monologue. Here he is imploring that time stand still so he won't have to be damned in eternity.