John Donne: Poems

What sights, sounds, and physical sensations of the country are present in John Donne's Poem "The Bait"

In "The Bait"

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The poet uses physical sensations of the natural world, particularly fish and rivers, to describe a union with his love. The speaker asks the object of his affection to come live with him—presumably to marry him and be his wife. He then discusses fish in pools and brooks as an indirect way of describing the allure of his beloved. The river will be warmed by her eyes, and the passing fish will be drawn to her, easily caught. If she enters the water, the fish will follow her. While others may catch fish in slimy and hurtful ways, deceiving the fish, the beloved is her “own bait,” honestly attracting others to her. The poet concludes that any fish that can resist her charms is wiser than himself. Check out this GradeSaver link,