Don Quixote Book II

List of English translations

Reviewing the English translations as a whole, Daniel Eisenberg stated that there is no one translation ideal for every purpose, but expressed a preference for those of Putnam and the revision of Ormsby's translation by Douglas and Jones.[46] Neither of these is available in digital form. The original, unrevised Ormsby translation is widely available on the Internet, although some versions eliminate, as they should not, the prefatory material. The best digital text available as of 2018 is This translation, even without Douglas and Jones' revisions, is preferable to the other public domain translations available online, those of Charles Jervas and Tobias Smollett.

  1. Thomas Shelton (1612 & 1620).
  2. John Phillips (1687) – the nephew of John Milton – the worst translation according to John Ormsby and Samuel Putnam
  3. Captain John Stevens (1700) (revision of Thomas Shelton)
  4. Pierre Antoine Motteux (1700)
  5. Ned Ward (1700) - (The) Life & Notable Adventures of Don Quixote merrily translated into Hudibrastic Verse
  6. John Ozell (1719) (revision of Pierre Antoine Motteux)
  7. Charles Jervas (1742)
  8. Tobias Smollett (1755) (revision of Charles Jervas)
  9. George Kelly (1769) (considered as another revision of Pierre Antoine Motteux)
  10. Charles Henry Wilmot (1774)
  11. Mary Smirke with engravings by Robert Smirke (1818)
  12. Alexander James Duffield (1881)
  13. John Ormsby (1885) (widely available, not always in its entirety on the Internet. The best text in pdf format is: Don Quixote)
  14. Henry Edward Watts (1888)
  15. Robinson Smith (1910)
  16. Samuel Putnam (1949)
  17. J. M. Cohen (1950)
  18. Walter Starkie (1964)
  19. Joseph Ramon Jones and Kenneth Douglas - W. W. Norton & Co.; Revised edition, 1022 pages (14 October 1981) (revision of John Ormsby) - The complete text of "The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha, Parts I and II," is here offered in a substantially revised version of the translation by John Ormsby, first published in 1885. Spelling and punctuation have been modernised, and recent textual scholarship has been taken into account in preparing the revisions; a detailed discussion of the procedures and principles followed by all the original prefatory material, including dedications, copyright notices, statements by the censor, and other items omitted by Ormsby. (ISBN: 978-0393090185 / 0393090183)
  20. Burton Raffel (1996)
  21. John Rutherford (2000)
  22. Edith Grossman (2003)
  23. Tom Lathrop (2005)
  24. James H. Montgomery (2006)
  25. Gerald J. Davis (2011)

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