Tris says about Candor, “It must require bravery to be honest all the time” (p. 62). Do you agree? Which do you think is a braver faction, Dauntless or Candor? Would you like to live in a society like Candor, where everyone tells the truth no matter how h


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I think the braver faction is Dauntless because they jump off buildings and trains and I would not want to live to the Candor because of the truth serum


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Yes it does take bravery to be in Candor because sometimes people don't tell the truth and when they don't want it to come out it would in Candor. I thiink Dauntless is brave because they use guns, jump off of trains, and throw knifes. In the book Divergent, Tris stands in front of the target while Four is throwing knifes at her, she also goes ziplinning, and it takes bravery to climb a ferris wheel.


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