Devil in a Blue Dress

Main characters

  • Ezekiel "Easy" Rawlins is an out of work African American man who has moved to Los Angeles from Houston. Easy is a war veteran and owns his own home. He is drawn into a mystery by Dewitt Albright, who hires him to locate Daphne Monet, telling him that it is on behalf of a wealthy business man named Todd Carter. Easy had no interest in life as a detective, but his tutelage under Albright encourages him to consider doing "favors" for people as an ongoing career.
  • Raymond "Mouse" Alexander is Easy's best friend. Mouse is described as dangerous and deadly. Easy calls him to assist when the case becomes dangerous but Mouse's deadly nature causes Easy to question whether this is the right decision.
  • Daphne Monet is the young woman who has gone missing in the Watts neighborhood of LA. Easy Rawlins is tasked to find her and as a result gets caught up in intrigue.
  • Dewitt Albright is the white private investigator who hires Easy to find Daphne Monet.
  • Frank Green is a criminal in the Watts neighborhood who is known for his skills with a knife. He is connected to Daphne Monet and a person of interest in Easy's investigation.
  • Jackson Blue is Easy's intelligent and cowardly friend who assists him with information on his case.
  • Matthew Teran
  • Odell Jones
  • Todd Carter - a well-connected white man who has a relationship with Daphne Monet.

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