Why do you think Hesse chose to have Sinclair narrate the story himself? Is the older Sinclair a reliable narrator? Should we trust him? How does the older Sinclair's presence add to the themes of the novel?

Why do you think Hesse chose to have Sinclair narrate the story himself? Is the older Sinclair a reliable narrator? Should we trust him? How does the older Sinclair's presence add to the themes of the novel? 250 words min

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Hello Francesca,

I've been analyzing the text and the lingistic methods as well. Including the focalization and perspective of the story. The first person narration here is a risky trick for the readers, as we believe every word Sinclair has to say. However, at the same time, Hesse gives a hint in the book’s prologue - narrator should not be trusted. Thus, it's a gimmick of the author.

On the one hand, we understand that the narrator is telling a story about a series of events, and they do seem real. While on the other - how far can a narrator go to manage the truth and the reality?

Carol Loomis


It was a very useful article! Thank you.


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I don't know much, but I know for sure that Hesse will never write a book for someone who is not trustworthy. While Sinclair a great narrator, we should have even more confidence because of it.


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