The original German title of Demian was The Story of Emil Sinclair's Youth. Which title do you think is more appropriate?

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I think a title is good. It was written so many years ago - classic. I read republication of this book from forum. They are mobile development company who makes good mobile app reader.


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But she WAS worried. Worried that her arms were stuck and worried that her skirt was riding higher up her legs. He moved down the side of the examination bed and she watched in horror as he went down her legs to stand beside her knees. He glanced up her legs to her short, pleated skirt. It had ridden up a little further with her arms pinned above her head. He could see the enticing lace at the tops of her stockings peeping out from under the hem. Beth squeezed her legs together tightly. He reached out and softly held her far ankle with his right hand and lifted her knee with the other, bending her leg up like before. Beth bit her bottom lip in embarrassed frustration as the skirt rode higher. Then, as he placed it back down, he laid her knee to the side a little, and repeated the exercise for the near leg. She looked straight up at the ceiling hoping this part would be over quickly, as he manipulated her nylon encased legs, her breaths coming quicker now. Once both legs were flat again, her thighs slightly parted, he could see some bare thigh above the tops of her stockings. He went to stand at the foot of the table and glimpsed up her skirt where he could glimpse the white shape of her lace panties. He moved back up to her waist. She snapped her head to look at him in anguish as his hand came down on her nearest knee and started sliding inward and up her thigh. "Um. Is this part of the exam?" she asked meekly, realising her potentially vulnerable position. "Not strictly speaking. But I do want to check you out. Thoroughly." Did she image the emphasis on the words 'check you out'? Or even 'thoroughly'. Either way she was becoming even more uneasy with each passing minute. Especially when his hand gently stroked its way up to the top of her stockings and traced across the lace. She closed her eyes and trembled as his hand explored the lace, then moved further up her thigh, pushing the skirt out of the way as his palm came to rest on the smooth skin of her upper thigh

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