Explain the steps for self-realization in Demian?

How sinclair found his self-realization in Demiann?

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I think that Hesse in Demian tells us about the important role of self-realization in order to eliminate many problems in the world: inability to understand each other. If a person can understand one "I" and accept this as a whole, then he realizes that there is something bad in him. You can not blame others for the same shortcoming. Then, someone will begin to understand others, he or she will be more tolerant of others and be attentive to everything around him or her. If this happens, there will be no conflicts and even more war in this world and Sinclair believed in it.


Self-realization is very important, because each psychologically mature personality is unique in its own way and has unique individual features. And let the length of the life path is predetermined by higher forces, only its width and depth depends on the person. It is in the latter criteria that the problems of the individual often lie, the essence of which is reduced to the question of the self-realization of man. Some people successfully pass the path of self-knowledge and self-acceptance, find their niche in which they manage to reveal their potential, to tap into the potential and to receive satisfaction from actions. At the moment, I'm trying to realize myself as a writer, now I work at uk essays writing