Death of a Salesman

How is Death of a Salesman a cautionary tale in a flat world?


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My definition of a flat world woud be one in which people no longer find themselves making the vertical climb..... achieving the dream. For Willy Lohman, as well as many people today, modernization has limited the ability to move up in the world in certain careers. Willy's job became obsolete, and as a result, it was no longer available..... his services were no longer needed. Today, we see the same type of thing in the elimination of jobs. For example, people used to hire someone to answer and direct calls for businesses, whereas today, everything is automated. Car washes used to employ people who handwashed cars..... today, you pay extra for that, even though the car wash does an inferior job. Another example would be supermarkets and checking ourselves out..... no to mention all of the businesses that are strictly online..... an example would be insurance. The day of the agent is coming to a close.....