Death of a Salesman

Abandonment in Death of a Salesman

I am writing a five paragraph essay on "Death of a Salesman" and would like to discuss the theme 'abandoment' with regards to Willy Loman. I am just stuck on some ideas that I can write for the three main body paragraphs. I would also like to discuss how abandoment during his childhood caused lead to his downfall as an adult. I am just looking for a suggestions of what I should talk for each paragraph so I can elaborate from there to get me started.

1. Main Body Topic 1?

2. Main Body Topic 2?

3. Main Body Topic 3?

Do you think the topic of abandoment is a good one or not (enough to write about) to write a 1,000 word essay?

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Although this is a short-answer forum, and we do not help with student writing assignments, I probably wouldn't go with the theme of abandonment. Gradesaver's theme page for the play might help you make another choice. I have provided the direct link below. If you have any further specific questions, feel free to ask them here. Good luck with your paper.