Cry, the Beloved Country

Despite their many differences, Stephen Kumalo and James Jarvis are very similar in some ways. What similarities do the two men share?

Chapter 18 cry the beloved country (book 2)

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Both men are a product of apartheid South Africa. The stark difference lies in the fact that Kumalo is a poor African, living in an impoverished village of Ndotsheni while Jarvis is a wealthy white man living on a lush estate, High Place, near Ixopo. The similarities between the two men are more striking than their differences. Both men have lost their sons: one a murderer and the other murdered. Both are victims from a cultural sense. Both fathers grieve for their sons but hold no malice towards each other or each other's ethnicity. Both men are empathetic to how their wives suffer. Both men choose love over hate which is the most profound similarity of all.